Dear Elder!!!

Date: July 05, 2010
Area: Provo MTC
Companion: Sister Kelly


Ahh how I am loving it here......Okay before I start I have to tell you how bad these keyboards are, and I do not have as much time to write because I had to recover my password!! AHHH bummer... I will always remember it now!

Okay Another important thing! -- I love all your guys emails -ha ha- Pops and Claire! :) So when I come on here, I do not have much time. So they have this thing for missionaries here it is called and everyday that you write me a email, they print it out and put it as a letter so I can read like multiple letters (from the emails) everyday! Isn't that awesome! SO look it up. I will provide some information in case you need it My Mid: 888212951 My membership number: 00054138752. I am not sure if you will need that but, just in case. Also my room number is building 4m room 423. Again I do not know if that matters or not :/

Man family is so important and I wish that I could start over again to make that an emphasis on my life back home ......

Every free moment I have I just want to study I mean there is so much stinking stuff to learn about this Amazing Gospel! It is so true! I mean The Book of Mormon compliments the Bible so much! I just got a proper journal today- P-day.. but it feels like we have no no no time to write in it!

Well to start off, my district is the BEST!! I love all the people that I am with! My companion is Sister Kelly, and it is funny she is kind of like Ava, back when Ava was ten, during her earthquake days LOL!! And I LOVE it! She is so funny! I will send you all pictures of course, we just took some pictures by the temple yesterday as a district.. The Elders in my class are the BEST! Ha ha there is this Elder whose name is Elder Lafeen, Oh man he is such a GOOF BALL! He will take extra food from the cafeteria and like sit in class smelling it, not even eating it. He also sings like a girl during the songs. Ha ha and he has like 36 ties that he brought to his mission and each one of them is radical! So I am becoming quite a tie connoisseur, ha ha. My other two roommates are awesome! Sister Kinikini and sister Hatch.. Man sister Kinikini is a trip! We are trying to master Handstands! So I will be a gymnast pro when I come back! Also my teachers -WOW WOW- Sister Borg and Brother Potter.. AWESOME TEACHERS. Okay as you know it was recently 4th of July and we got to see the fireworks, and we learned about this thing called the cannon- it is all the things leading up to the restoration of the church, and it will BLOW your mind!

Wow, This Gospel is true, and it heals! I love it! I am so glad I had a fast testimony meeting here, I was like one of the first ones to get up, and I was asked to give the invocation! Crazy I would have never done that before!

Okay I have no time today.. like I said I am still figuring out this email thing.. ? It is different here and I have no time. Please Check out DEAR ELDER!! Okay? I want letters! They print them off from the emails and put them straight to our mailbox, that way I can better write you all! Okay I am sending letters!

Just remember that we do have a loving Father in Heaven, remember to pray always, because through experience I know he listens! And He loves all of you!

Love you all and I promise better updates next week!


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