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I will be in Japan this month!

Date: June 01, 2013
Area: MTC
Companion: Sister Tan


Ohiyo goziamasu!
Oh how is every one?! I
LOVED your personal letter mum! It's so fun to hear about the family. 
Oh and I definitely prefer dearelder
and letters from friends over email. It's more personal.

So this week was pretty humbling. The closer I get to the Lord the more I realize just how oh so very far I need to go! On Sunday
we were pulled aside and asked to serve as the Sister Coordinating
Leaders (used to be Sister Training Leaders). We of course agreed, but
as we sat in on our first meeting and I realized just all that this
calling entailed, in that moment it was so tempting to get overwhelmed.
Realizing I truly could not do this alone, I had a pleading prayer in my
heart. I thought we didn't have any time before, but now it's somehow
being stretched a little more! :) Haha when we had 15 minutes to plan
for the next day it felt like all the time in the world to us! even
though we usually had 30. And we don't have as much language or study
time, but it somehow all works out thanks to His mercy. Honestly helping
these sisters is rewarding and worth it.

Oh just a disclaimer, not all the investigators here at
the MTC are real investigators--I think some of you knew that, but just
wanted to make sure. But the beauty of role play is that there's a real
person connected behind it. This week we had a surprise when we got to
see a picture of our new investigator... and a picture of all of us
popped up on the screen! I'm actually excited though because it's an
awesome opportunity to really feel how an investigator feels. Oh and
this week we're also going to skype and teach some people from Japan! I'm
a little nervous, but we'll see how this goes.

In our lessons we've had quite a few laughs this week.
That's got to be one of the best things about learning a language,
besides helping share the gospel in Japanese of course! So we were
teaching about the Word of Wisdom (Chie no Kotoba) I was trying to
relate to our investigator by saying yeah sometimes it can be musakashi
(difficult), but instead I told him it can be murasaki (purple)!
Ironically I was wearing purple that day... Then Tan Shimai got the
conjugation flipped around and she was saying things like when you keep
the Word of Wisdom you can't feel the Spirit and can't
be happy. And then, when we looked up a word he said in our dictionary I
got really confused because it was earthquake, and then Tan Shimai
said, "Yeah, I don't feel one either!" Haha and then we learned that the
word had two meanings and he really meant to say he was concerned. Ah,
but we can't teach with the Spirit if we're cracking out in laughter at
our blunders, so I was trying hard to stop laughing and we got back on
track, but then when we dropped off the address he needed a little
while later I told him to "apply" the address instead of saying we were
giving it to him and we started chuckling again. I blushed my fair share
during that lesson! And I mixed up purple and difficult for the rest of
the day and still have to be careful about that one! :) It's exciting
to gradually learn and understand more Nihon-go (Japanese).

Congrats on finishing the Morumon Sho! Ah that's so
fantastic! Oh and thank aunt Vonda for the cinnamon roles :) That was so
sweet of her! Literally! (haha I can still be punny even over email :) )
I'm glad you had a blast up at Snowbird too! Our Memorial Day didn't
have much out the ordinary--most days are the same here :) but the
Sisters got to see Music and the Spoken word on Sunday
morning and it was patriotic themed. It's been a good week of learning
and fun though. We even played softball as a district. Most of us
were bad to the point of ridiculousness, but oh I have never had so much
fun playing softball! We're like one big family it's great. This week
we even decided to play an intense SYL (Speak Your Language) game. We
all picked a habit we wanted to not do for a day--I chose to no crack my
knuckles and to say all the words I knew in English in Japanese, Tan
Shimai chose to not flip her pen or hit it against the wall and to not
say anything mean in joking to anyone, you get the idea-- anyway, the
consequence for breaking your goal was we had to speak Japanese only for
an hour, a.k.a. "Nihongo dake." There was one point in the afternoon,
which I refer to as the "domino effect," when Beckett Choro, refering to
his Patriarchal blessing, said, "It says I'll have all the power--!"
(then he realized he just broke his goal by not telling the truth) Then
he frantically looks through his blessing to see if there's some sort of
phrase he can manipulate. Then Tan Shimai says, "You'll never have all
the power," which breaks her goal. And Kuniuki Choro makes a funny
noise/one of his funny voices to tease Tan Shimai with, which breaks his
goal! So in the course of a couple minutes half of our district is
"Nihongo dake." It was pretty quite for the next hour :) But what great
motivation to speak more Japanese! We can play games to motivate
ourselves now, but when we get to Japan we'll be playing that game all
the time. Oh boy I've got to work harder!

Mom I loved this quote: "I destroy my enemy by making
him my friend" (Abraham Lincoln). And the Marriage Box analogy was
I know this talks about marriage, but honestly it can be applied to
anyone's life and to me that's my mission. What I put into serving the
Lord, and that means my heart, might, mind, and soul, gives a
better opportunity for the people of Japan to accept the joy of this
gospel. There are 27 million people in Tokyo, and 40 million people in
my mission boundary. I may only meet someone once--one chance to hear
about Jesus Christ and His gospel in this life. Oh I've got to make sure
I put everything I can into my own "box."

Love you Family!
Aishite masu (aye shtay mas)
Ganbate Kudasai!
Barnes Shimai


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